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All About TGB

What Makes Us Unique, and More.

Who we are...

A lot of the news we read today is ridden with an overwhelming number of negative headlines. Be it murder, corruption, rape, wars, you name it.

It's gotten harder and harder to read the news and not lose hope in humanity.

We recognize that, and we feel you.

And so, TGB brings to the forefront, all the good that's happening around us, that you'll rarely hear about through traditional media.

Whether it's a species on the verge of extinction that's been revived, a scientific breakthrough, a good Samaritan being a voice for the voiceless, or months of protests actually yielding a positive impact.

TGB is alive to show you that the world can be good and we're here to shine light on everything that's right with us, and the 🌏. 

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Founder's Note

A note from me - Divyushii...

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